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  • dont they come round quickly happy Birthday Ker-stee have a great day x
    I'm not able to reply to your message as your inbox is full

    We are meeting at Victoria at 10ish, then heading towards westminster area to also do buses and paddingtons. Then may end up at the christmas market in Hyde park.
    Well, I like it when you are happy! And with both of us suffering the blues of long-distance relationships, it's nice to know that through the pain of missing our gfs, there are times when we can be happy :) If that makes sense???!
    Had no internet, so just checking in to say hi and that I hope all is well with you :)
    Could you move things around if it does rain? So do it the Sunday or Sat afternoon? I'd take something else they can do instead though. Thankfully we had a load of baker ross stuff left over from previous meetings, you know how you buy enough for all of them, then some miss it?
    It went pretty good. We sent 3 girls home with homesickness, and some girls were still awake at midnight (there's always a couple!). Then it rained, so we had to spend the Sunday doing crafts, rather than a picnic and bbq, but the girls enjoyed it anyway.
    My AG thought it'd be better to have the parents evening earlier rather than later, which does kinda makes sense. If I give them all the info, it gives them more time to go through it all and come up with questions etc.
    It is nice knowing there are others out there planning residentials for the first time too. I've my parents meeting on Monday and I'm stressing someone will ask something to which I won't know the answer too!
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