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  1. citaborca
    citaborca Epona
    Hi would you be able to send me a copy of the ceremonial occasions please. E*****@gmail.com
    1. Epona
      I can but are you sure that's the right address? Has the forum software blocked something out?
      Jun 11, 2017
  2. Quack
    Quack Little Mo
    45p both ways...
  3. Little Mo
    Little Mo
    Hi ..does anyone know if the 45p per mile petrol expense claims is for one way or return? Thanks
  4. linaheather2002@yahoo.co.
    Guide Leader, Brownie Leader, Rainbow Leader
  5. Robbie Hill
    Robbie Hill
    Ideas for Unit meetings around World Guiding?? Russia Challenge document, with a badge to earn. Contact me for details.
  6. becciDiff
    becciDiff rhi-tee
    Hi, I am planning on doing the neigh challenge next term and was wondering if you have 15 badges available.
    1. rhi-tee
      Hi Rebecca
      yes we have lots of neigh badges in stock


      Apr 4, 2017
  7. Beckie
    Beckie dinoprincesschar
    Hi, do you happen to have 1 unicorn challenge badge left please? If so, how do I sort payment, etc.? Many thanks, Bex ☺
  8. bess342
    bess342 piggywig
    Have you any badges left?
  9. lisbethwasaguide
    Sleeping - every waking moment usually involves Guiding lol
  10. lisbethwasaguide
    Was an Assistant Leader now recently a Leader of a Guide unit in Essex/London border. Been part of guiding since 2004...
  11. Sam1980
    Sam1980 Rabbit 74
    Hi, could you please send me the Beatrix potter resource pack? I don't know how to PM (newbie) but my email address is sam.packer@icloud.com
    Thanks, sam
    1. Rabbit 74
      Rabbit 74
      In your Inbox now. :)
      Feb 14, 2017
  12. Elaine Walker
    Elaine Walker susiebev
    Is the Wonderland challenge still going. I was looking to do this in June leading up to our sleepover on 30th June. Thank you Elaine Walker 1st Swinton Brownies
  13. icecream101
    icecream101 laura12345
    Is there and badges left for the pizza challenge?
  14. Joy Marie Capell
    Joy Marie Capell julieforrest
    Hi I need 15 Roald Dahl badges please. can you let me know the cost and address to send the cheque to. Thank you
    1. julieforrest
      15 badges will be £15 plue £1 postage ( £16 total)... send to 8 Balmoral Crescent, Westend, Carnwath, Lanarkshire, ML11 8RX. Thanks Julie
      Feb 4, 2017
  15. skoob
    Bretton Guider
  16. RMF
    has anyone got the paperwork which goes with the come rain or shine badge
  17. xx1986
    xx1986 julieforrest
    Could I please order 20 Roald Dahl badges? My Guide unit had great fun celebrating his birthday last term. We did 6 themed nights to celebrate all of his amazing work.
    1. julieforrest
      Hi yes have badges available. Do you need payment details and how to order. You can email me on j2osf7298@gmail.com
      Jan 19, 2017
      Sonja.B likes this.
  18. CharlotteRoundhay
    MARY ELLIOTT caroline68
    hi caoline
    have sent my e.mail to you mary.elliot@sky.com thank you mary
  20. Mousey27
    Mousey27 Paulaj78
    i would like to buy some badges for this please can you send the challenge pack to me?
    1. Paulaj78
      Yes of course - what is your email address x
      Jan 16, 2017