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    Planning sheets

    Years ago on the old forum there was some really good planning sheets (I think it was one document split into year, term, weekly) I've looked on the archive but can't find them does anyone have a copy?
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    Girl guiding decorations blanks and finished

    We have girl guiding decorations which have been made for our unit to raise funds Blanks £1 each (minimum order 10) Gold/silver painted with red ribbon £1.50 (20 for £25) lovely gift for your girls as a lovely keep sake Collection from Paignton or postage (at buyers cost) Complies with...
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    Planning sheets?

    Years ago I found some awsome planning sheets with weekly, monthly and even yearly... I however lost thema nd searching them is no help anyone have something simular they could share with me?
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    Fundraising ideas

    Our Unit pays the yearlys but it looks like it might be a bit of a tight squeeze this year in search of fundraising ideas our unit is spread right across the age range
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    Can't download the Brownie font

    I can't get the Brownie font down from the archive site, its a bit annoying as I had it on my old laptop but not this one
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    Looking for Leader hoody 16, 18 or 20

    Anyone have a leaders hoody for sale ideally in an 18 but as a 16 or 20 could also work/
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    Question? Where can I get a copy of Brownie Adventure file 3

    I uncovered a lot of my old brownie resources (I left for a few years but am back now in a new unit a few years later) I had all three but in my folder I only have 1 and 2. I went on trading and it isn't available any more someone told me it's not been available for a while now. Strangely not...
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    Urgent! Help with BBB adventure challanges...

    Does anyone have or can anyone list for me the 'world' adventure challenges from the adventure book Missplaced mine and need it urgent to plan next meeting and finish BBB
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    Wanted remembrance day badges

    If anyone ordered too many remembrance day badges please please please can we buy them from you we need 10 definite but would prefer 12 (i think for leaders camp blankets too very sad girls if we cant get them Thanks Louisa
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    Anyone have music for Olivia songs

    Does anyone have the music for the olivia camp songs? Olivia works with a hammer Aunt Olivia Olivia in a cottage in the woods I'm planning sessions for an over worked leader just to help out and though I know how these songs go they need to be easily leadable for her so was trying to...
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    Different holiday celebrations

    What holidays do you do and when are they? We so far have down Chinese new year (feb) Thinking day (feb) Mothers day (march) Easter (march/april) Fathers day (June) Diwali (Novemeber/October) Halloween (October) Fireworks (November) Christmas (December) What else...
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    Module 1, Part 3 (d) confusion

    We are all a bit confused about Module 1, Part 3 d) for a fellow trainee leader in our unit with the 'activity' does it need to be organised by the trainee leader or does it just mean where they have been part of the activity and helped the unit take part? So for example, where the Unit...
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    Starting leadership qualification. Quick q.

    Hi I've not yet got my own copy of the Guiding handbook (I will be soon but moneys a wee bit tight till the end of this month) I've found the part which is online I was wondering if someone could just let me know what chapter pages 27-29 are in? (mainly so I can see if its in what I have...
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    Promise AND Pot of gold SONG ideas?

    Anyone have any ideas of songs we are having a mixed Promise and pot of gold session for our new girls and also a large amount which are leaving us I would like to sing one song for the girls who are making their promise (was thinking something to include welcome or hello if you get me as we...
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    Anyone want to exchange thinking day cards?

    1st Brixham rainbows (Devon) are in desperate need of people to exchange cards with We actually have about 15 cards to go out (Our rainbows did one card each but we only have 2 units to exchange with :( ) pretty please ;)
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    Hello, new here

    Hi, I'm new My name is Louisa, I'm 28 years old and I'm a trainee assistant leader erm I have a chronic pain condition which is disabling in nearly every way When my eldest daughter (6) started at rainbows last year, I started helping out at the unit and really enjoyed doing it so when...