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    Promise sheet for Rainbows 2018-09-18

    I collated this sheet as I was tired of girls never remembering the Ready for Rainbows book and wanted to have a visual checklist for us and parents about what they needed to do before they were ready to make their promise. Have shamelessly collated from other sources (thankyou!). Having looked...
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    Resource Promise sheet for Rainbows

    Oltonsnowy submitted a new resource: Promise sheet for Rainbows - Checklist for new Rainbows to get ready to make their promise. Read more about this resource...
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    Returning to Brownies + Recording Sheet

    Thank you so much for these - just what I was looking for but hadn't yet had time to draw up myself!
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    Urgent! Wanted 4 Brownie Agility badges

    I need 4 more Agility badges but everywhere is out of stock. Does anyone have 4 available for sale - will reimburse cost of badge and postage. TIA
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    Brownie 40th birthday

    I have been informed that our pack is due to celebrate its 40th birthday in October. I am still in contact with the Brown Owl who set it up back in the 70s and her assistant leader and the subsequent leader before me. I was thinking that it might be nice to have a celebration party and maybe...
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    Urgent! "Sleepover with "Pamper me" theme - help!?

    Hi We are running a sleepover for our brownies is a couple of weeks time. As part of girl-led planning, we debated themes for the sleepover and took a vote. Despite my best efforts to steer them away, they voted for a Pamper evening (we have several 9 and just turned 10 years olds). A...
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    Brownie Go For It - help!

    I was hoping to encourage some of our older Brownies to do a clause or 2 from the Go for It tomorrow night. Unfortunately I've left the Adventure Books at Brownies. Given how much brownie clutter I have at home, I'm amazed and frustrated that i don't have a copy here, not even of the old...
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    Urgent! New bank account woes

    Please can anyone advise me how I can set up a new bank account?! I have been trying for last 6 months to set up an account for our new Rainbow group. I initially applied for Lloyds bank accounts that's who we bank with for Brownies. They lost the form. I then tried HSBC, they sent me huge...
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    Sheet music for This Little guiding Light of Mine

    Does anyone have a copy they could send me or point me towards where I might find this? We want to sing this at the Christingle service, but our organist only has the spiritual This Little light of mine version which isn't the right tune (or words!). Would really help otherwise I'm going to...
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    Urgent! Fairy themed game ideas wanted?!

    Taking 8 brownies, with 3 adults & 2 YLs on pack holiday with Fairy theme in a couple of weeks time. There are some outdoor activities at our accommodation site which we will be doing (including practising flying on the zip wire!). We are making wands & wings, doing a Fairy hunt and building...
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    royal wedding badges

    I'm in same boat :( Did challenge, but then Brown owl left and I've taken over but no badges ordered. Can someone give me contact details to order badges or happy to go in on bulk order with someone else? I need 22! regards Ruth