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WOW Camp


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Has anyone had complaints from parents regarding a questionnaire held at WOW Camp? I wasn't there but a complaint has come through to me as DC regarding a questionnaire carried out (near the shop?) from a parent. It is being dealt with through the appropriate channels but I was wondering whether anyone else had had the same?


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dont beleive my girls took part but I did see some girls filling something in, it was just below the band stand

what was the questionnaire for?


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That's what CC is trying to get to the bottom of at the moment with GG Cymru, the basis of the complaint was a parent thinking the questions asked were not very appropriate for the younger Guides - I haven't seen said questionnaire but a question to do with whether the girls wear padded bras was mentioned by the mother. Mainly just interested to hear if anyone had read it, or had had any feedback on it from girls or parents.


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There was a questionnaire and I believe it is something to do with a grant that GG Cymru has to do some projects about what today's girls need and want. I walked past at one point and heard the girls being asked whether they had heard people calling girls ugly. I personally wouldn't have pushed our (10 year old) Guides in that direction, but I am sure that it was all OK'd with GG Cymru and was explained to the girls what it was all about.


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our girls filled it in to get the bracelet, their only complaint was that it was 'sold' asan activity rather than a questionnaire, but they had no problems with the questions -and our girls are not backwards and coming forwards with their opinions.
There were actually 2 questionnaires - one was regarding the use of Welsh and the other about how the girls felt about themselves, their hopes and ambitions and whether or not guiding helped them achieve things. I didn't read it all but remember hearing a bit about whether they wore make up etc. Perhaps the best bet would be to contact GG Cymru direct and ask them for a copy of the questionnaire.