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What is there for the Senior Section to wear?


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I have three girls who are moving up to Senior Section and they don't appear to have anything to wear!!!
The online shop hasn't had SS hoodies in stock for months... and even the 'Spectacular' one has only large sizes.
I appreciate that there in an overhaul going on, but what do these girls wear in the meantime...
Please don't say Guide uniform!


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Check around but/swap/sell Guiding groups. eBay. Local pleas. Perhaps any turquoise/grey clothing they already own to compliment? If anyone has an important occasions send out a request locally for a blouse loan?


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Thanks. This is helpful.
I'm going to get them a polo each for the Summer and hopefully there will be some direction from HQ on new uniform in September. (The unit doesn't have a bespoke hoodie - not enough girls).