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What are you doing/done in your units this week? Part 4


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For Rainbows; edible sparklers (hope we've got enough sprinkles!), stop, drop & roll practise and gliteer firework pictures.
And if we have time either campfire singing or games.


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Littlerainbow we're doing edible sparklers tonight.
Can you explain what do mean by stop drop and roll?! That's to do with being alight?! X

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Just had a very successful science-y wide game night, which included making ice-packs for first aid (with citric acid & baking soda), creating slime, blowing up balloons, and looking for "butterflies" :)


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We did on Monday, something we will be doing for the next 3 weeks too.

We're doing our county SS China Challenge badge, so girls are working in their sixes for 4 weeks and doing a different activity each week... Activities being:
- Cooking with a lady from the local 'healthy eating' initiative (She also used to be our Snowy Owl!) She made Spring rolls this week, doing something like chow mein next week- something different each week
- Make their own wishing tree
- Decorating jam jars to make lanterns
- Learning about willow pattern plates, what they must contain and designing our own :)

(This week we also had 6 girls making their promise)


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Was meant to be our Active kids voucher session but the instructor didn't turn up so we played games instead


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Our Rainbows had a fab timing doing a glow in the dark outside kinda treasure hunt. Basically we had numerous pieces of card with letters and numbers on, if they wrote down the letters in number order they spelt out a word. We had the pieces of cards hole punched and attached to glow sticks which were then placed around our outside area. We made sure the girls had coats, brought torches, we borrowed clipboards and got them working in pairs - they loved it!

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tonight we went on a walk looking for fireworks (saw Loads) and then got some chips to take back to the hall then played a game


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The chemical reaction between citric acid, baking soda, and water, creates an "endothermic reaction", which rapidly cools the water. I've never tried it before but it was brilliant & the girls loved it :)
Littlerainbow we're doing edible sparklers tonight.
Can you explain what do mean by stop drop and roll?! That's to do with being alight?! X

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We got mats on the floor and let each girl pretend she was on fire to practise dropping to floor and roling along the ground - finally being covered by Rainbow helper's jacket, to further douse the flames!
We also had a wee hand out they could colour and take away.
It was quite a good ice breaker for the new girls too, as they had to "perform" in front of others.


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Monday- Community challenges - spot the hazard sheets, decorating gingerbread as people that help us, 999 or no, no,no. Oldest Brownies helped new recruits start their BAB Books, middles planned christmas fun day.
Tuesday - Poppy magnets, looking at old letters, edible bingo and pictionary. Practise for parade and promise ceremony.
Thursday - Craft night as planned by the girls. Need to start new recruits on books and get plan for GFI from oldest.


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use baby wipes to clean the lard off your hands, it leaves them smelling much nicer and means that fat is not going into the sewage system and causing fat burgers down the pipes


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We did quite a laid back night with an extra long show and tell and some games. We also spent a little time talking about the shoebox appeal, what to put in the box and what ages/sex we wanted to make them for :)


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we made bonfire pics with chalk glue and tissue paper, poppy handprint pics with red paint, edible bonfires & poppy biscuits
and lollipop spiders :)
We also got handed a chq for £200 to spend on badge books and told to use the rest towards a Christmas party


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Brownies #1 made paper mushrooms for their Seasons badge
Rainbows made edible sparklers and three made their promise. We found the big rainbow we jumped over when I was a Rainbow under the stage and we got that out instead of using our somewhat tatty handheld one. They all got a go at jumping/being lifted over it, which caused a lot of squeals and giggles!
Brownies #2 had a campfire with songs and sparklers, and hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and a mini doughnut each to finish.