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Unique party ideas


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I am a leader for a brownie pack in Hadfield, Glossop. We are wanting to plan a different party for our girls for the end of term in July. We have 2 'older' leaders who always do the same things, for example a party at our meeting place or bowling. Now I have nothing against doing these types of things but want our girls to experience different experiences. The only ideas I can come up with to discuss is the CBBC tour at Media City Manchester or tea at Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester. I was looking at Blackpool for the day but I haven't been to Blackpool for years so can't think what there is to do there.

Any ideas (or things you've done that worked) would be greatly appreciated.
Lyns x


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One of the Packs I lead has chosen an Olympics themed challenge next term, with lots of Sports activities, some evenings relating to Values (both Olympic and Guiding) and some Cultural activties relating to Brazil. Our main cultural activity will be the Carnival on our last evening - when the girls (and possibly leaders) will be wearing 'carnival style' costumes they've made on a previous evening, parading their carnival float (bit like cardboard dragon boats, but decorated 'carnival style'), eating Brazilian food (I know that baked spiced bananas come into this - one of our Unit Helpers has a great recipe, so she's in charge of this) and playing games with hoola hoops, juggling balls, etc. Guess this comes under your 'party at meeting place' heading - but we try to tie it in with our theme or badge we've been working for that term, and the emphasis is definitely on fun!


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Our units enjoy breakfast at Premiere Inn, followed by a morning of activities. Two children go free for every adult, and extra children are £4.99 each. The Beefeater near us (which offers Premiere Inn breakfasts) lets us have their function room for free. They also leave jugs of juice and a full coffee pot for us to drink between breakfast and 12 noon, which is when we finish. The guiders arrange a variety of activities for after breakfast. It's great fun, not too expensive, and a bit different. In addition, no food preparation or washing up! We charge £6 per girl, no charge for leaders.

You could also consider a day trip to Eureka in Halifax. It's a great day out, but maybe not party-ish.

More expensive, but you could have a trip to the cinema and a pizza party.


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WE are lucky that most of our girls' parents get caught up in the one upmanship of kids parties so they have all done pretty much all the local attractions. What they love is a campfire or to do some real (not kit) crafts, or for us to shut the curtains so no one can see in so that they can do something really childish and not be embarrassed (in and out the dusty bluebells etc).

I see that there's a pony grooming place near you that does parties. Climbing wall at the sports hall? Sleepover?
A fun challenge in a night? I remember years ago we extended the meeting one summer and did the penguin challenge including penguin cooking and facepainting. It worked really well.

Our usual summer end of term (the girls choose but usually every two years or so) s at the local holiday house: we book it for the evening and the girls cook their own tea on disposable barbecues/make damper bread/toast marshmallows.


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We usually end summer term with a water games night. Last year we had Bollywood dancing instead of a Christmas Party and term year we have booked a Circus Skills workshop. Having said that the girls requested a traditional Christmas party this year so I think sometimes they just want to play games and eat party snacks, especially if you don't have parties very often.