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Uniform price

I noticed this morning while scrolling through the girlguiding shop online that the price of the Guide uniform has increased (it might have for other sections as well but I don't know). Although the price of the polo has increased from £12.50 to £13.75, the hoodie from £20 to £22 and the long sleeved top from £15 to £16.50. However the price of the skirt has decreased from £15 to £12.50 and the dress from £17 to £15.
Has anyone else noticed this and what are your thoughts? For me £13.75 seems like such an odd price, and this might be because my guide unit is in a deprived area, and I know that they'll have their uniform for four years but it still seems quite expensive when we already help those who need it financially when they come to buy their daughters uniform top.


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I would think that sales of the skirt and dress have been lower than expected, and as such they may be trying to sell them off, slightly cheaper to get rid of stock. The cost of fabrics has gone up, which would make the cost of the tops (which are selling!) slightly increase.


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I think it will be a case of newer stock costing more to produce. A lot has happened in the world economy since the last lot of price changes and Trading pride themselves on sourcing from ethical producers. Likewise they are commercial so selling off stock cheaper which isn't selling to bring in Revenue to help the cashflow...

I think this is the issue with the adult hoodie. I would expect a slight redesign is in progress or a new version from a different supplier so they may be running down what they have before a relaunch.


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From looking at the prices mentioned above it would seem they are trying to promote the dresses and skirts. Or- get rid of them!

My local Guide shop has only ever sold 2 of them in 3 years!

I would like to see them ditched as totally pointless items and invest in something more useful, like a range of branded sports wear or outdoor gear.


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The skirts I have seen as either being very popular in a unit or not worn at all- with more units falling in the latter category. I have yet to see a girl wear the dress in person. I agree with the previous comments that they are probably trying to move the stock.