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Travel arrangements!


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Just thought we could do with starting one of these threads up!

So....if you are looking for a travel buddy, or want to offer the empty seats in your car in return for petrol money and sweeties post the rough area you will be coming from etc.!


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if anyone is driving through/near Bath a life would be amazing!
if not then a life from either temple meads or parkway (whichever is easiest) would be brilliant!


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No idea yet where I am travelling from yet - home, office or if I can swing a jolly day out to our Bath office.


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I will be driving up from Tiverton area, so can pick up along the M5 if nessesary.

Will be coming up Friday afternoon if I can wrangle a half day out of the office!


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I'm on the reserve/day girl list at the mo ... but if I come it'll be from Surrey so M25/M4 and room for a couple ...


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I will probably be on the train, but it depends a lot on timetables which I don't find out for another 6 weeks!
Everybody please cross your fingers I don't have a 5pm finish for a change :)



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*giggles* the one benifit of Bristol is that even if i don't finish till 5 I can get there before 8pm. Be a nice change from arriving as everyone goes to bed!