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Information: Teddy Bear Hospital Cardiff - looking for visits


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Hello - I'm passing on a email from the Teddy Bear Hospital in Cardiff. It seems they are looking for units to visit between Sep 2014 - Mar 2015. We had then visit last year and it was a fantaisic evening. They are medical students who do visit to do health and medical type activies with the girls.

The email to contact is teddybearhospitalcardiff@hotmail.co.uk


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sandra100, try contacting your nearest large hospital and see if the do similar, I'm sure Leeds has in the past, i guess it may depend on each intake of students


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I am Mid Wales, so unfortunatly for us nearest hospital is 1+ hours away and they are not near any uni's so not hear of them taking student. :(


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They have been very slow at getting back to Units I know because we tried for ages. Medicine is quite a busy academic course as you know and they are not all in the same year and I think it takes some coordinating. However when they did eventually come ( for my Guides and Brownies) they were brilliant. I'll ask my assistant Guider tonight as she was one of them.