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Science Museum London G2G! (LaSER Time Travelling Scientists Challenge badge)

Which is the best Saturday for you? (tick all that apply!)

  • 16th November

    Votes: 9 47.4%
  • 7th December

    Votes: 9 47.4%
  • 4th January

    Votes: 10 52.6%
  • 11th January

    Votes: 13 68.4%
  • 18th January

    Votes: 17 89.5%

  • Total voters


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I missed the LaSER KaBoom! event - but LaSER has made the event badge and challenge available to do in your own time.

So would anyone (LaSER or otherwise!) fancy meeting up and doing a Guiders day trip to the Science Museum to earn the badge? :p

As it's just one day and we're not date restricted, ideas of when would be a good time for everyone will be useful! Museum is open 10am-6pm to every day, so it could be a Saturday or Sunday (I'm assuming weekends will probably be best for the majority).

EDIT: After a poll, we'll be going on Saturday 18th January! :D
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I went with my brownies last weekend, so have done the challenge and got the badge, but haven't been to a G2G for a while so if I'm free when you go, I'll come along to see everyone!!

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Ah see I would prefer it to be before Christmas as my weekends are not so free in the new year and my train costs are going up in the new year to be even more expensive. Besides, bad weather happens in January/February which means my trains do not run.


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Me and the other pack leader would love to do this. Saturdays would be better as other leader is in a wheelchair for any major walking distances...just not directly before xmas can hear the comments from the wheelchair at other people already!!


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We've done a forum trip to London before with a Guider in a wheelchair. She made a great battering ram ;)

But it did mean we were allowed through the barriers at Hyde Park station when they'd temporarily closed them because of overcrowding so we could get safely to the platform before they reopened them and allowed the hoards though!


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I'm def up for this, would be fab.

And yes Jenn is right, we all managed fine with wheelchair and even the heaps of stairs at the hostel we stayed in ... and I'd never have found you lot again in Hyde Park if I hadn't spotted the wildly waving necker on the top of a crutch :)


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Lol i know all about London and wheelchairs - it's more the Xmas crowds and where we come from that make it the nightmare - we'll make a day of it tho, she's never seen Harrods or Hamley's at Xmas! needs to be done....

p.s. don't tell her that she's the battering ram...i'll not tell you her answers!


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Saturdays best for me but happy with sundays too :)
can't do 7th dec but most other weekends are fine!
of course if the 7th ends up being the best for most then go with it


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I would be interested in doing this, but pretty booked up in November. I would also prefer Saturdays as I go to archery on Sunday mornings.