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Ranger Camp in Blacklands - anyone wanna come?


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I'm running a Ranger Camp in Blacklands this summer, and wondered if any other Rangers (or Leaders) would like to come too.
We're only a small group so there's only 4 Rangers, myself and my mum (a Guide leader).

Its going to be my licence camp so it should be fun!

My Rangers asked me to ask if any other units where interested too as they like meeting new people.

Its right at the beginning of the the summer, 31st July -5th August.

Hope this is OK to ask here!



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This is a great idea (and a very smart way of publicising). We have 4 new Senior Section girls who would,, under normal circumstances, leap at this offer. Sadly it clashes with a swimming competition for one of them, a holiday for another, a big family birthday for the third, and the last one won't go without the others!
So sorry. I hope you get your places filled.