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Ranger and Guide Camp in Blacklands - any takers this year?


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Once again I'm running a camp for my Rangers, and my guides this year too!
I've got a nice ammount of Guides, but was wondering if any other Rangers would like to come along too.

I've got 3 Rangers (possible fourth) attending and I'm willing to take up to 8 more!

Its in Blackland Farm - Sunday 29th July - Saturday 4th August

So far I've got the cost to £130 per head (for everything activities, food, Etc)
Low Ropes, Crate Challenge, Jacobs ladder, team building, abseiling
Wide Game, water fight, maybe a trip into town.

They also wish to do Kayacking or Zip wire - but these are only possible if I get more Rangers coming (they're too expensive otherwise).

erm I think thats everything - if I've missed anything let me know I'm happy to answer any questions!
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