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Outside speakers

im looking for ideas for outside speakers to 'run' evenings. We have had guide dogs, zumba, archaeology, bath bomb making.... what else could we do??


What local clubs and societies have you got - could the WRI teach some skills, have you a bowling club who might be keen to enthuse some potential junior members via a taster session, a gardening society, nature conservation group, chess club?


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Have a look in your local paper / community FB pages for ideas of who is local to you - you'll probably see sports clubs, craft groups, local history, charity fundraisers, Rotary / Lions / Inner Wheel / Ladies Circle, local businesses. They can all be tapped into for doing a talk / activity based around a badge / challenge, or just because their topic interests you.

Local businesses - chefs / restaurants may add something a bit more interesting to a Cooks badge. Craft groups could obviously teach you that craft. Rotary etc may have someone who has done an overseas or community project that interests you, or they will often run Young Chef / Debating / Cooking / Quiz competitions that they're looking for young folk to participate in. Just be conscious that some of these are fellow voluntary organisations - so it's someone else's precious time - you may not be in a position to support them financially, but you may consider it appropriate to support their cause some other way.


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We've had Fair Trade -the lady brought a game for the Rainbows to play looking at what was available - and the local flower arranging club - doesn't sound exciting but the Brownies loved it.


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visit to back of house to hotel, hotel banqueting staff came to teach napkin folding. local stables touched horse riding, local zoo's have outreach teams who come and do sessions with schools or youth groups, ice skating or ten pin bowling trips. local dance teachers/zumba instructors do taster session, local craft stores may do sessions or ceramics etc ask around some are willing to do it for free others ask for a charge or travelling expenses


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We had a hedgehog rescue charity. They brought hedgehogs. One of my Brownies was 7 when they came - when she left at age 10, she still said that it was the best thing she'd ever done in Brownies.

We had a lady come and run a puppets session with the girls which was great fun!

We've had a paramedic in to do the first aid badge, a police officer for crime prevention.

Dance teachers to do a free* taster session *They handed out leaflets in return for the session


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We recently had a talk on food banks and afterwards the brownies made posters for the food bank to display as they said it cheers up their clients to know that others are interested and took the time to draw for them. We also had a wee collection of food for them.


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we have had bat talks, bee keeper visit, local nature reserve warden, local astronomy society. pretty much anything you can think of you could try in some way.
circus skills, drama society, some sort of dance