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No sash for badges

Really disappointed that guides don't have sashes for display of badges.

My other daughter is a brownie and I think having a sash to display her patches motivates them to achieve.

I know guides can put them on camp blankets but my 10 year old likes the idea of wearing them each week. I have considered putting them along the bottom of her polo shirt but not sure how that would look.

Changed days lol I liked mine being on display but I'm going way back to the early 80s. Seems like an odd thing to do away with.


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Some of our sew official badges on their hoodies/jackets and put the others on camp blankets. Always good if you have an example of what a fully badged camp blanket could look like - for real or pictures.


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What do the other Guides in the unit do? Do they all put them straight on their blanket? I'm guessing from your posts that you aren't a leader yourself but a parent, if you ask the unit leaders they might be able to show you how some of the other Guides have chosen to display their badges on their uniform.

Most Guides I know have put interest badges on the sleeves and any challenge badges or Go For It's! along the bottom if it's a hoody, or if they just have a top all of them along the bottom but in themed rows (which may look a little odd at first but tidier as it fills up).

I think sashes were discontinued for Guides as in some areas they never really took off. For some because it was a change in a long tradition of sewing directly onto uniform, for others because they slid about and unless there is some pattern to the badges they can look muddled. Older Guides seemed to be reluctant to wear them as well, which as they are often the ones with the most badges to display isn't ideal.
Yeah I'm a parent not a leader. My girls started brownies and guides just a few months ago as I really believe the organisation offers so much more to kids than single interest clubs.

I love the idea of it giving them a sense of achievement and independence. I remember it doing that for me as a kid.

Daft as it sounds I haven't looked at the other girls I feel as if ive never noticed displayed badges so maybe camp blankets are more common.

Ironically my daughter only has 1 badge from an international guide event but this year I know she is aiming to gain some.

My other daughter was easy she had her squirrel and promise badge put on to her sash and was so excited to show her leader it at last night's meeting.


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our unit have mostly hoodies and sew badges on the sleeves and then onto the body. The older ones look very impressive covered with badges front and back!


Sashes weren't popular - especially with the more developed older Guides. Some of ours put them on uniform, some on blankets, and I gather one has a keepsake box. Sometimes parents choose not to have them sewn on uniform, with an eye to second-hand sales, sometimes the Guide prefers not to have them sewn on.


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Ours sew them onto their hoody, from where the blue meets red to make the pocket, round the back to meet the red on the other side then work their way up.


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guides in our area either sew onto hoody or buy a larger t-shirt to grow into and sew them there. (that's our more deprived families who cannot afford a t-shirt and hoody!)