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New leader looking for experience


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I've just taken responsibility for a Rainbows unit which I have been helping out at for some time, but having never been in guiding I am just learning the ropes.

Although I know how our unit runs I would love to be able to see how others do things. Are there any Rainbows units in the Sale area that would be willing to let me come and be a helper for the evening so I can get some ideas on what others do? I am a qualified leader so can be counted in the ratio for that night too.

I work in sale until 5pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday so would be able to come straight from there. I am happy to drive a little further aswell if the class starts around 6 ish.
Thank you.


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We're too far away, but if you contact NWE girlguiding, they can give you the Division Commissioner's email address. Otherwise, you can go through the oficial channels of volunteering by registering your interest on the main GG website.

Good luck x