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Jenn & Cazbly's Requirements


well we had been naughtey, all others knew what to do.... and we secretly planned some squirrels and nuts on them!

They both got wind up squirrels too! And Cazbly had a throw a hurl frisbee of a squirrel and this has now been found a good use by the dog!


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So being relatively new to the forum (or at least taking a long while to actually get posting) I have only just seen this thread, but I have read through it ALL today because it made me laugh so much!

I just hope, Cazbly and Jenn, that you don't end up helping to run a G2G yourselves, because I think you might be in trouble!


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I actually think that if Jenn and I ran a G2G, it would be the attendees that needed to be afraid.............. very afraid! ;)
ooooh it was funny, for about 5 minutes you were walking around saying " there's a squrrial and a bag of nuts on me bed uh "
i couldnt stop laughting to my self
in fact my OH thinks im mad as i lol at randoms times to day, thinking about the fun we all had