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Hi! New to Guides but not guiding.

I have been in Guiding for around 8 years mostly as a Brown Owl however after a family move to the Welsh Borders, I am due to start as Guide Leader in September.

Upto now I have had a year out, I am aware the program has changed so looking for hints and tips with guides ( I have 4 daughters and 2 went to Guides so I amnot totally new to this) and some info on new program if anyone would mind helping me??

Thanks so much


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Welcome back....the programme hasn't changed yet. The new programme is due to launch in July with a transition period of about 12 to 18 months so you have just as much idea as the rest of us how it works. The good news is there will be plenty of training about to get us all upto speed on it.
What we already know is here
Our new programme for every girl


In terms of moving from Brownies to Guides, I'd suggest two thoughts which interconnect - 'never do what a Guide could be doing' and 'good leadership can be sitting back and leaving them to sort it out for themselves'.

Coming from Brownies there can be a temptation to want to lead every activity yourself (we're going to do x and the first thing you do is y). To tell them who will be in each Six and who will be Sixer, to step in with a Six at the first sign of disagreement and tell them how to sort things so it will be fair. To give them an activity then teach each step of it.

With Guides It's important to delegate more to them - they sort themselves into Patrols, they choose their Patrol Leaders. Once they know the basics of what they are doing in an activity, letting them sort out how they are doing it within their Patrol.

With my Brownies I rarely get a chair out, far less sit down in one. With my Guides I get a chair out before the meeting starts as I may spend more than half the meeting in a chair, because the Guides are working away at something happily by themselves and all I need to is stroll round occasionally to see that they are still getting on okay with what they are doing.


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Welcome! Lovely to hear you're about to make the step in to Guides. Even though the programme is changing the amount of decision making the girls make for themselves is not. For Guides it's 50% of decisions made by the girls ( instead of the 25% in Brownies). How you choose to use this 50% is up to you. For the programme I try and make sure at least 7 or 8 of a 12 week term are chosen by the girls - but I also feel its important you add in activities you'd like to cover too, to make sure there is balance and also so it's enjoyable for you too.

Cooking is still very popular with my guides but you can give them the reigns a bit more. You can give them a selections of recipes and they can then choose in their Patrols what they'd like to cook. The responsibly is on them to make sure they choose something they all like and are able to eat. They also need to think about how much time they have in the meeting ( and to allow for cleaning up) when they make their choice. This allows them to do all the decision-making but for you own sanity, you might want to vet all recipes before you give them the selection so what ever they choose you're already happy for them to do!

My Guides still really enjoy playing games- even ones they did in Brownies with the emphasis now on them choosing the game and organising it. Initially you can give them a choice out of 3 to get the ball rolling but mine are now quite happy to choose the game and organise it.

When I took over a guide leader I initially found it very challenging to let go and hand over to the girls. Not sure what I imagined would happen but now I actually enjoy seeing what direction they will take things and if things don't quite go according to plan we always try and laugh about it if we can and use it as a reminder for the next time!