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GTG5 The Bar


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I've got a bottle of Smirfnoff vodka in the cupboard belonging to my house mate, and he says he's prob not gona drink it, so said I could steal it :)


General Dogsbody
Gtg bar no barman

Important annocnement
I have decided that I will be giving up all Alchohol and thus will not be able to run the bar


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I don't believe that..you could still run the bar, but not sample anything, or instead specialise in lots of lovely non-alcoholic cocktails...


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Ben will it be OK if I give you some cash for booze tomorrow? Only realistically I'm not going to be able to fit any in my bag. *flails*

ETA and besides I've just checked and we have 1cm of winter pimms, some sherry and marsala in the house and that's it.