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I've just made another list of things that still need to go into the bag!

Other than that I am ready! Roll on tomorrow lunchtime!


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I just need to complete the health form and put the rest of the stuff in the bag in the morning (before work). Also need to sort out which clothes I am chaning into after work but I also have English class tonight (can't be bothered to go!).

Odds on I will be the first to bed tomorrow night, since I will have to get up at 7am just to get to work and finish off a few things from today. Then work until lunchtime, lunch, get changed then set off for bonny Scotland!!!!

Cap'n Gaerlick

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Suddenly realised I had not completed my Health Form so done it now!!!! Had to get Hubby Alan to pack the car - seems we have wee nooks and crannies I knew nothing about!!!!! Amazing - there is still room for Susi!!!!!

Just to put my Soap bag and towel in and that should be me packed!!!


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Okay, I got clothes (incl clean knickers but not a change for Sat night)
Sleeping bag, pillow, liner
Camp blanket
medicine/bits bag
Camera - batteries charging
Ipod - charging
Swaps - whole tin cos I can't be bothered sorted them out! Its stuffed full!
health form

Organisers stuff - pens, paper, scissors, glue, needles, thread, material, stuffing, felt, ribbon, some food bits, paperwork, important package 1, important package 2, flip chart paper, assorted haggi, plastic/paper cups n plates.

There is other stuff I know there is, so I definately need help! (or is that another story! lol ! )


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i've not got a health form cos i had it at work to print but didn't get a chance before i lost my job, can someone take a spare for me to fill in when i arrive? pwetty pwease???

Cap'n Gaerlick

Captain Gaerlick of 1st Gaerlick Guide
All packed and ready to go. Woke at silly o'clock this morning so I'll be wasted by teatime!!

Been ordered to take my stick and told not to do anything silly - ME do anything silly - never been known to do anything silly - crazy maybe but silly - never!!!!!

Organiser stuff (without giving too much away) paper, pens, serving dishes, banquet roll, craft stuff, answers!!, bunting, various items for challenge, badge holders, hi-fi, important packages, Tam's kilt!!!! Plus loads of other stuff!!!!!!

And still room for Susi (even room for her stuff too!!)


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well i am up
and if it all gots to plan ( and the lazy bums still sleeping get up
we will be on the road id 1 hr 15 mins
can't wait


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Just off to have breakfast. Everything is ready to go in the car.
Got to do a quick hoover ( of the living room...never did manage to hoover the car yesterday!), feed the animals, go collect Hubbys' medicine, have lunch then leave for Bonaly!!!!
See you all later!!!!!


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I'm up! Alive and enthusiastic but not sure about the awake bit! lol

And due to my own stupidness, I'll have to do some work over the weekend but its only typing so will not take long at all!! (minutes!) Just hope my dongle works or I'm stuffed!

So, packed, got a HUGE pile to add to Gaelic's car just need to have breakie and a shower then we're ready to rock!

I am now officially EXCITED!!!!

See you all soon!!!


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MORNING!!!!!!! I'm up too!! As you can see!! lol (can anyone tell I'm a tad excited?????!!!)

My train leaves at 9.55, not long really! Gotta go get showered and breakfasted, plus squeeze the last few bits of kit in my rucksack!

Ben hope you have a safe journey up the road. See you all soon!! :)


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i am awake :) Not getting on the train til 5 with gadge and dawn though, so doing some much needed preparation and staying in bed!!! Might try and get a couple more badges sewn on the blanket!! Never did quite get them all on!!


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I'm up washed and dressed! couple of things to go in my bag then I will be ready! Will be bringing my work with me so will be borring for about an hour at some point over the weekend!