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FYI - No Spaces on GO


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This is an FYI. I hadn't had any new enquiries for Brownies in about 10 months, we don't have a Rainbow feeder so this was usually where I get most new faces.

I was transferring a Brownie to Guides and happened to notice our Brownie unit was set to "Doesn't have spaces". It turns out because I hadn't set a maximum number of girls for the unit, GO had put a red cross next to our unit when searching for units. I set it to 30 and now we have a green tick say "Spaces Available".

I'm really annoyed as we had been talking with the leaders about merging with another unit as we are at our lowest number ever for Brownies. I also noticed only 1 other Brownie unit in our area was showing as having spaces available so I'm guessing we're not the only unit affected.

I'm not sure when this changed as I've never set a maximum in the past and I'm sure it showed we had spaces before, but people might want to check their units are showing correctly.
I can't remember how long ago it was, but I do remember when we were told - and reminded several times - by our DC that we needed to set a unit number. One of our leader's has her number set low so that it always says no spaces. I know that other leaders can see where there are spaces or not, but I didn't think that parents could. We tend to know that even if a unit has spaces right now, that doesn't mean that they don't have a queue of girls in their waiting list about to join. So it's not a real indicator of anything. It would be better it could include a note from the leader that other leaders could read.