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Question? Chocolate


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blind chocolate tasting always goes down well
How many words can you make from the letters in CHOCOLATE
chocolate quiz - google for lots of variations of quizzes
design their own wrapper for a new chocolate bar

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chocolate game where they shake a dice and if they get a six they have to put on hat scarf and gloves and start eating the chocolate with a knife and fork before next person gets a six


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Chocolate game as described above always goes down well with the girls! Also, relay races with maltesers and straws. Could also get them to put an aftereight on forehead and try and wriggle their face to get it in mouth - always ends up in fits of laughter when they see eachother with faces covered in choc (remember the wet wipes!). Have fun :)


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My DD just likes melting chocolate & then putting it in mould to make different shaped chocolate.

One I did with Brownies, was a quite game picked up abroad: lying on there backs, with chocolate over their mouths, not allowed to lick or talk. Winner last one not to have eaten it!


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Blind Taste testing. Can they tell the difference between value, cadbury's, fair trade, 70% Chocolate etc. Then get them to rate the taste for each one.