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Question? build a bear


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No I don't think that you do but it might be worth contacting the local store.

sandra 100

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I think someone posted before and their unit was given a bear as a mascot but I don't think they got discount for the girls I would check you local store as sometimes they do different offers


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I used to work at Build A Bear. I used to do the Guiding visits for them. You used to get a set budget from them, which is free to Guiding groups. I don't think it has changed. Let me know, how you get on. :)


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On a similar subject I would love them to do a Brownie/Guide/Rainbow uniform for the bears surprised nothing has been set up by Guiding they would make a bomb!


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We got £25 which could be spent on a bear or put towards the girls final bill. We used it to allow all girls to make a bear.
thank you to all . we visited build a bear on saturday with rainbows and it was fab 19 pounds per girl with choice of 3 bears and t shirt and box games played. Fun was had by all