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Question? Brownie Trip Ideas

Hi everyone,
My Brownie unit is celebrating it's 50th Birthday in September and we're having trouble coming up with good trip ideas that won't break the bank.
We've asked the girls what they'd like to do but they've suggested redoing things that we've already done with them - we'd much rather do something new and exciting, but the girls haven't come up with much.
I'm hoping to get ideas from here and give the girls the list to choose from.
We're based in South Liverpool and anything nearby would be great.
Thanks :)


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You can have a sleepover at the Catalyst Museum in Widnes - you sleep in the observatory (glass walls) on the top floor. We've done this twice. The price includes exclusive use of the museum, supper, breakfast and workshops. The museum is interactive with plenty to do.

It's close enough for parents to drop off/pick up, and the museum has a play area outside as well.


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Have you had a sleepover at woodbank - love it there!!

Our brownies are 40 this year so we are going roller skating, sleeping over at height nook and having a 'brownies got talent' and family fun night at a local function room to raise some funds as well as celebrating


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Spaceport? Not sure if they do sleepovers.
Are you looking for a special residential or a day trip or just a special meeting?