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Question? BP Adventures 2014

Hi Ladies, Anyone organising a BP adventure, preferably in South Wales, this year?
I've asked Bron but no response! I have a very keen Guide turning 14 today who wants to complete as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance


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Do you have a guide advisor?

I know I went on behalf of someone last year and they were planning some but I dont have any girls ready yet so have heard no more. If you dont have a guide advisor ring bron and ask for the email of the region one, she will know whats happening and where.


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Theres nothing in cardiff and east glam that I know of.

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theres 2 at Bron this year - May 9th-10th and Sept 12th-13th, I know there is still spaces on the May one, pass for the Sept one. Plus we are organising one for our girls in between as we have girls in need of BP who can't make May, we have a couple of units joining us here in mid wales - email me if you want to be kept in the loop on this one
Hi Emma
If you log into the girl guiding cymru website and scroll through the event calendar, it will show you all the bp adventures In bron this year. I know there is one in May and on in July . If there is other girls that you know are going to be completing their award soon, contact your guide advisor and they may put an put an event on in South Wales, that's what we were advised to do for our guides :)
Good luck