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Official Info: Booking and Payment Details


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As previously stated, G2G9 will take place at Drum Hill Scout Campsite from 11th-13th May.

To secure a place at the event, we will require an email and a £10 deposit. Your place will not be guaranteed until both these requirements have been met.

If you wish, you may pay the entire cost (£40) now, if not, then the balance is payable by 31st March 2012.

In the unlikely event that we are oversubscribed, we will create a waiting list.

The application process is as follows:

1. Send an email to g2g9eastmidlands@gmail.com saying you would like to come. Please include your forum name in this.

2. Pay your £10 deposit. This can be done via paypal as a personal payment to g2g9eastmidlands@gmail.com (our preferred method and, again, include your forum name, please!) but we can accept cheque or bank transfer if necessary (please tell us in your email).

We will be around this evening to answer any questions you may have.

TJ, Emma, Balderick and Han


Just a quick piece of info:

If you have reserved a place and agreed with the team to pay by cheque or bank transfer, you will have 7 days to do so before your place is offered to someone else. Receipt of your email, as well as receipt of your payment will be confirmed by a member of the organising team

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Done...will pay this afternoon though, off to work! And can't do via phone...

Paid deposit via PayPal at 3.59pm!!!
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Epona I think your post is in the wrong thread. Bit anyway, we decided against that, as for those not attending the next g2g it seemed unfair.

Back on topic - has anyone else paypalled successfully? I have tried through both paypal website and my phone app, and it is failing every time I try :(


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Back on topic - has anyone else paypalled successfully? I have tried through both paypal website and my phone app, and it is failing every time I try :(
Sent money for both of us. Ben, if you get £20 from me, it's £10 each for Smartie and I. Missed the bit where you put a note on, sorry!!


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Done and done. Just need to work out how to change my address on the paypal account and then I'll pay! :)


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Email and payment sent! I hope I'm in early enough for it this time - so hopefully (as long as work approves the leave).... Smartie, the race is back on! :D


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Email sent. Need to see if I can access paypal on this computer, as I'm on a course from work, but if not I will pay deposit tonight


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Woohoo, paid. Love course venues that don't block sites :)

And added bonus is the deposit has been covered by the refund from g2g7 that was still in my paypal account


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Yey!! I've paid too!! (probably shouldn't have as I haven't been paid yet, and am running very low on money....but still its a G2G!! It's essential!!)