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Big brownie birthday slumber - chester zoo - north west england


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We have a LiT and she sent me a text when she saw it in the email from region. She's very keen, and so are the other leaders, but we haven't asked the parents yet. I might mention it this weekend, maybe when we get back from our county weekend away. I think t would be a great experience for the girls - and probably the leaders too!


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think we just doing the day event pricing up coaches this week. we are attending two county events so already asked for quite a large amount of money from the parents.

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We have decided to do the day (tails and trails) because we felt that asking adults to pay £50 per head to attend the event was a bit steep. (No problem with a cost, but paying the same as the girls when you are looking after them seemed unfair)
We also thought it was a back to front plan. We know that Brownies don't sleep (much) on a sleepover, so the girls will be very tired for a day at the zoo.
A day at the zoo followed by a sleepover would make more sense to us.


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I'm gutted, because of the changes in leadership team in or unit and then our accounts being out for 3 months we have not been able to get places. We were told on friday that there were a few hundred spaces let so spoke to parents last night and when I contacted HQ this morning I was told it is now full :(


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When we saw this we just went for it - we're taking 12 girls. Now maybe thinking that we are mad!!!

Just got all the paperwork through on Friday, so now need to get forms, kit lists to parents and organise a Parents' Meeting, and make lanterns - and only three Brownie Meetings to do it all! Eeeek! :eek: