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Any more G2Gs?


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Just trying to work out if i've missed an announcement of another g2g? Can't see anything on the forum, but i'm a bit ditzy so I may have been looking in the wrong place!!



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Some of us have done our second turn too ;)

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Who's 'they' Yorkie?! If no-one is volunteering to organise one, there is no 'they'!!

What do you mean close together Jen. Do you mean in time, or location?


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There's no saying if there would be a spring one.

I think the atmosphere on the forum and the time commitment has a lot to do with it.


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I've tried to organise the 3rd Scottish G2G, twice now without success. Difficult to get volunteers to help and to get a date agreed. Its been nearly 4 years since SG2G2!