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6 year old visiting Brownies


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Hi, couple of quick questions. We have a 6-year-old on our Brownie waiting list who has asked if she can visit to get an idea of what Brownies is like. She is not a Rainbow.
Can she come along without a parent? Do we have to have enough adults to meet a 1:5 ratio? And how many times can she visit?
Thanks all.


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She can't join Brownies until she is 7. If she is 7 a couple of weeks after your next intake, I would invite her along with the other newbies, but no longer in advance than that.


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I invite all the girls due to start next term along for one taster session the term before. That way they get an idea of what it involves and are generally more confident when they start properly the following term.


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I make sure I have contact details. You could do a consent form if you like. I give parents the option to stay but most leave fairly quickly. If you had lots of girls visit you may want to rope in more adults but if it is just one or two then your normal adults should be able to cover it.