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  • hiya! Sorry i've not been on my computer to be able to reply! Yes i did! Thanks you very very much :D
    Hi yes I am stiull interested, I have run out of cheques though my cheque book should arrive soon- can you let me have the details?

    Just wondering if you still have any of the go for its left? i've recently started up a new unit, and getting anything slightly cheaper would be great! if you've still got them we'd love copies of any of the following:

    Life Wise - x1
    Take Your Toothbrush - x1
    Fitness - x1
    On the Move - x1

    IF you still have them, could you let me know and i can get a cheque for you or whatever's easiest! my email is hgillespie@gmail.com

    Thanks! Happy New Year!
    Ok I didn't realise that it was a personal challenge, thats good, because I have decided on two challenges, my mascot, and to have 100 contacts in my contacts folder, I have to have regular contact with them and I must have a real reason, ie pen pal, swaps, resourse/information etc. for it them to qualify to get onto my list.
    What a great idea. I dont think we have a centenary Challenge as such. Put I think I would like to give myself a challenge, to start with you inspired me to try and have my Mascot (Maggie) visit with 100 Units, when does the Challenge start, and what is the time limit? and how can I be assest?
    By the way, did you get the name nikifm from a song? Thats what inspired mine! lol xox
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