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  • Hi Lizzie - just wondering still if you'd ever had a chance to look at the I was there 2010 badges that I paid for but never had /=
    Have tried PMing you both on here and facebook but you've never replied...
    Niki x
    Hi Lizzie
    Have just tried to send you a PM but your inbox is full.
    Can you get back to me!
    helloie, didnt know if you wanted to reminisce about KLASS? My parents both taught there, but only for a year.
    Do you have any "I was there" cloth and enamel badges left? I'd love one of each if poss :)
    Please could you get in touch about the missing "I was there" badges? Still waiting for my two cloth ones and I've tried to chase several times, with no response. Sorry to be a nag. L
    Hi Lizzie
    Thanks for getting back to me and getting this sorted - sucks that the Royal Mail can be so incompetent sometimes!
    Your PM box is currently full so can't give you my address yet - let me know when I can [=
    Thanks again!

    Niki x

    my email address is xgatesbrownies@hotmail.co.uk

    that would be brilliant

    thanks again....
    Your inbox is full Lizzie.

    I'm just checking you are still interested in G2G7 Yorkshire.
    your inbox is full!

    my address for the badges
    F. Roberts
    11 stratton close
    hd6 3sw
    I know what you mean - I don't even know what I'm doing yet, I've only been told "activities" - no idea what sort! Think I'll email them this weekend and see if I can find anything out - I'll let you know if I do!
    That sounds great Lizzieloubee! I haven't booked a train yet so haven't even thought about times, have you heard anything about what time we're supposed to get there?
    Your PM box is full !
    As you will have seen from the thread, the shrinkles are NOT waterproof.

    I've been trying to find ways to waterproof them over the last few days and have finally admitted defeat :( as the finish is just not good enough.

    Please PM back if you would like to return those you ordered to me and I'll then refund you.

    Obviously any ordered for scrapbooks are fine as I wouldn't expect those to come into contact with water!

    Apologies again ..
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