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  • I've spotted your neckers on Simply neckers. We're going to order from there. I just wondered if you ordered them for the adults and if so if you have the child sized or whether they would do a couple of adult ones for you.Thanks
    What time is on Saturday at Bradford Cathedral as I got an email from Daphne Egan (was Mooney).

    And do you have a guider called Kathy Sykes????

    Daphne also told me about the County Dinner on 1st October .......... am tempted to go!!!
    Hiya! I'm a CSW....rather than a LSA! Never been called it before...always LSA...it pays much worse than an LSA even though I'm working harder than ever hahahaha

    fingers crossed for all the jobs though X X X X X X X X X X * leaves pack of Maltsesrs for Figgy*
    Hi! Just seen your avatar is a Bogwoppit! I didn't realise anyone else knew that story, it's one of my favourite!
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