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  • Hey, your inbox is full! But from FB pics I think we are similar size so I would chance that it will fit you.
    congrats to you too! Little one is lovely and crawling like a scuttlebut and just starting to cruise about the furniture. Things I thought weren't reachable in fact are! Crikey it's a steep learning curve.
    Hi Bryony
    Have tried to PM you as I would like 2 Brownsea badges please.
    Can you PM me please?
    Hi there
    I have just opened up a discussion forum for G2G6 the welsh one!!
    I hope you can come!!
    Hi Bryony,
    Could you let me know when you need money for Brownsea.
    Me and Ben still need to pay, but money a bit tight at mo, so we'll need to juggle things.
    nice to meet you last night, your rangers were very well behaved, our 2 really enjoyed going out and seeing new people (even if they didn't mingle!) and I made it home safe and sound missing the turn for Ruth's home (which made her giggle even more!) it just looks so different in the dark.
    hi thought I would let you know my boss has changed her mind about my redundancy now. So I have a job for a time being.
    only the district YL advisor, it's hard enough wipping those 12 into an organised state, wouldn't wish for a division post :). I bought my wedding dress in BoA. I will count out spare bracelets, they were ridiculously cheap!
    Hi Sherri - will do when I get back on my other PC as that has the instructions... I will have to cut and paste them as it is actually a word document with images? or I could put it in downlaods and pm you the passwords.
    can you pm me the things i need for barnabys blog? my computer is not working well so I can not access emails so Vickey cant show me. hopefully it will let me go to the blog page
    hugs hope you feel better soon, not alot a quiet one catching up on sleep after my 11 hr day today. plus with that nutty guider coming to stay next weekend need some sleep lol
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